Sunday, October 17, 2010

late night dinner

I went to the local grocery store late Friday night, desperate for a spark of culinary mojo, which usually only takes place for me in the type of markets where it is simply expected that you will find fresh, organic, and local produce. I live in an area with such an abundance of local farmers markets, CSA's, and produce markets that my only real excuse for shopping in mega-chain-stores is that I simply didn't plan ahead. None of the more preferable option have late night hours, at least not out in Martinez.

All this being said, ended up with a nice little collection of lovely dinner components. We stlarted with a little bread and a surprisingly creamy goats' milk brie. Next came some simple baked sea bass, steamed asparagus, and a cold kale salad that I had prepared ealier.

I didn't cook or blanch the kale, but I did douse the kale with apple cider vinegar and work it in a bit to tenderize the kale. It got a quick rinse and I squeezed it dry, then added the roast butternut, pomegranate seeds, red onion strips, and some chopped almonds that I sautéed in butter with brown sugar and chipotle powder.

This salad was definitely one for the books, all seasonal organics for a fall salad to remember!